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Welcome to the labyrinth...

The Minotaur joined the World Wide Web.

My name is Angel! This is a website where I keep a portfolio of my art, my stories, and anything else I want to talk about or find interesting! It's a constant work in progress, and I'm trying my best to learn HTML as I go.

I'm sorry, this site isn't mobile-friendly (at least, not yet)!


20-12-2023: Eegad I finally sat down to do what I said I would (reworking my OC directory). I'll rework OC icons again, I don't like their style now...
04-10-2023: Gonna be reworking my OC directory! Starting with icons...
23-09-2023: Added this thang.

Image of the week

A MSPaint drawing of Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights At Freddy's. He is partially hidden behind pink curtains, and a speech bubble at his side is cut off, reading only 'Har Har Ha'.

Damn it's almost like my work week being concentrated around the weekend makes me forget to update here........ oh well!

Song of the week

Song: Ninja Hidaway
Artist: Mario Kart Band
I found the karateka tribute video before I played this on MK8. You can imagine my confusion.